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  • Caleb

    23 January 2023 at 5:12 pm

    Sure thing! Essentially what you want to do definitely can be done in GA4. In Google’s web analysis tool, you have two basic dimensions, dl (short for “document location”) and dp (“document page”). These can be modified in the interface to your preference.

    Specifically in your case, you’ll want to use two dimensions – ‘page_location’ and ‘page_page’. It’s worth noting the dimension names may seem a bit off, but don’t stress – the hurried release process of GA4 is most likely the cause of this.

    Most people – us included – tend to just remove the query parameters from the page dimension as a simple way to lessen cardinality. However, from what you’re saying, it sounds like you might want to do a more significant culling.

    This can still be done, specifically if you use gtag.js to track your site metrics. You can manage these dimensions via the gtag configure call.

    Taking a similar approach – but using unique names for event properties – gives you the option to put in place custom properties for your tracking goal.

    Just keep in mind, if you’re introducing custom properties, you’ll need to create corresponding custom dimensions in the GA4 interface. This is necessary for your new properties to be recognized and usable.