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  • Grayson

    5 February 2023 at 6:23 am

    This sounds like a challenging, yet interesting problem. It appears that you have a well-functioning PHP service that utilizes the Google Analytics API. This service uses the same account and set of credentials to successfully run reports on manually created properties but hits a ‘PERMISSION_DENIED’ roadblock when it comes to properties that were machine-generated. Despite the account possessing admin access on all accounts and properties, the service-specifically denies permission for these properties. You’ve attempted troubleshooting by creating a GA4 property both manually and via script, and by playing around with the rights and permissions of the service account-all to no avail. Understandably, this boggles you, as the service seems to be able to manipulate data using the same credentials, yet fails to run reports. You’ve also confirmed that the credentials file, client request format, and service account permissions are all kosher. This surely is a perplexing situation.