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  • Xavier

    4 October 2022 at 11:24 am

    The error message you’re seeing, “Re-aggregating metrics is not supported,” comes up in Google Data Studio when you’re trying to sum (or average, maximum, minimum, etc.) a metric that has already been aggregated. This is typically the case when the data comes from a field that Google Analytics marks as “already aggregated”.

    To solve this error, you need to configure your settings properly in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics before moving on to Google Data Studio. Make sure you’re sending the ad click value as an Event Value in Google Analytics.

    This would involve adding a Event tracking in your Google Analytics which records the value every time the particular event triggers (ad click in this case). Once you have that event value recorded separately, it’s not a pre-aggregated field. You can then import those custom events into Google Data Studio and use SUM aggregation on that Event Value.

    Finally, you will create a report using Page URLs as the dimension and the sum of your custom Event Values as the metric. You should be able to create the report without encountering the re-aggregation error. Remember that data changes will reflect based on new data coming in after these modifications, so previous data might not be altered.