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  • Avery

    28 August 2022 at 2:11 pm

    Sure, I get what you’re saying. Although GA4 doesn’t have a specific dimension for this pie chart in Looker Studio, you can still achieve it by blending data.

    In this blend, one part will contain only new users, and the other will have only returning users, which you can get by subtracting new users from the total user count. For the two parts to connect, you’d be setting up a calculated field—just assign ‘new’ for the part with new users, and ‘returning’ for the other part.

    By running a ‘full outer join’, you’ll end up with a dataset that includes both new and returning users.

    When creating the pie chart, you’ll need to pick your blended data as the source. But instead of relying on a given dimension, you’ll use a calculated one, combining ‘User type’ fields from both parts of your blended data using the COALESCE function: COALESCE(User type (Table 1),User type (Table 2)).

    The same goes for your metric which also uses COALESCE to join both the new and returning user metrics: COALESCE(New users,Returning users).

    And voila! You have your pie chart. A video demonstrating this process can be found here: [https://youtu.be/iaC3fAFtvPg](https://youtu.be/iaC3fAFtvPg).