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  • Alexander

    17 November 2022 at 3:14 pm

    Your code inserts the Google Tag Manager and fires off a pageview event, which is then captured by Google Analytics. Post this, it redirects users to another site. This method generally works in most cases, especially if you see those events firing off in the Google Analytics Debug View. However, the issue can arise from the fact that Google Analytics sends data asynchronously, which means it doesn’t wait for a response from the server before moving on to the next task.

    In your case, the redirection might occur before the data is completely sent to Google Analytics and this could mean loss of some data. Unfortunately, Google Analytics doesn’t offer any out-of-the-box way to know if an event has been fully sent. One way around this is to use a JavaScript timer or delay to give Google Analytics some extra milliseconds or even a couple of seconds before the redirection occurs.

    However, a foolproof way would be to set up server-side tracking, where your server sends the data to Google Analytics instead of relying on the client’s browser. But that would be more complex, requiring server-side setup and may be beyond immediate need.

    Lastly, always ensure to test across different devices and network conditions to make sure your implementation works not just on your own device, but for users in different conditions.