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  • Lily

    3 May 2023 at 5:48 am

    Based on your code, it seems like you’ve done most of the initial configuration correctly. However, there’s an important detail about GA4 that might be causing your issue: unlike the previous versions of Google Analytics, GA4 handles e-commerce data in a slightly different way. In GA4, the ‘purchase’ action (which tracks conversions) requires a specific data structure called the ‘item’ array which you have used correctly. However, please make sure to replace ‘SKUID’, ‘Name’, and ‘19.00’ with actual values and ensure that ‘G-TESTSTRING’ is replaced with your actual Google Analytics Measurement ID.

    Besides, GA4 also uses some new specific names for the event parameters. Here you should replace ‘event_action’ and ‘event_category’ with ‘transaction_id’ and ‘affiliation’. If such changes don’t take effect, the problem could be due to other factors such as the Google Tag patch not being implemented properly or tracking being blocked by browser privacy settings. It’s also possible that there might be some delay for the data to come up on the Google Analytics dashboard. Therefore, it’s best to try all these troubleshooting steps before concluding the root of the problem.