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  • Oliver

    1 May 2023 at 7:14 am

    The combination of the fields event_name, event_timestamp, user_pseudo_id, and event_bundle_sequence_id are used to uniquely identify each record in the GA4 BigQuery event export table. However, it seems from your results that there are instances of multiple rows having the same values in these columns but different event parameters. What could be happening is that the event_params field, which is nested and JSON-formatted, may contain varying information across multiple events even if the identifying fields are the same. The assumption that related event_params values would always appear in one row with the same identifying record could be incorrect. There might be a mix-up of event_params data from different rows into one. A potential workaround for this could be to add a hash or fingerprint of the entire event_params object to the four mentioned fields, although there currently seems to be no surefire way of identifying unique records as of April 2023.