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  • Benjamin

    28 May 2023 at 6:35 pm

    It seems like you are experiencing some difficulties trying to run a Python script using the service account you created for the Google Analytics Data API. You’ve followed the necessary steps to create and authenticate the service account, and you’ve given it the required permissions. However, the script fails to execute and produces a ‘Deadline Exceeded’ error. You’ve attempted to resolve this issue by testing various tips you found, but the problem persists.

    You also attempted to use a curl command to retrieve your API data by using an access token generated by gcloud, but you were denied due to insufficient authentication scopes error. In other words, the access token you obtained doesn’t have sufficient permissions to access the required resource.

    Whether the service account works or not may depend on other factors. There may be an issue in the way the Python script is interacting with the service account, or there might be an error in how the service account’s permissions are set up in the Google Cloud Console. It seems like the access token is not being granted the correct scopes when it’s issued.

    Remember, when you run your Python script or command, the environment must have the correct permissions to access your Google Analytics Data. If you’ve changed permissions in the console, ensure you update your local environment to reflect those changes. To sum up, the issue you’re experiencing is likely due to an authentication or permissions error.