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  • Lucas

    26 June 2023 at 10:26 am

    It’s really great to hear that you’ve managed to link your application to GA4 and see user counts! But running into an issue where custom dimensions aren’t reflected in the GA4 reports can be frustrating. Generally, the delay can be because GA4 may take up to 24-48 hours to fully reflect new data, especially for custom segments or dimensions. However, as you’ve waited more than that, it’s more likely the issue is somewhere else.

    One common mistake is mismatched names between your GA4 setup and your application code. Make sure that the custom dimensions in your GA4 match exactly what’s specified in your code, considering any caps or special characters. Remember dimensions are case sensitive.

    Additionally, ensure that your application’s code is correctly sending dimension values – not just static values – to Google Analytics and there’s no issue with data types.

    If everything checks out with the dimensions and code, consider looking into your GA4 property and view settings. It’s also worth rechecking the permissions of the user profile you’re using. In some cases, data might not appear due to incorrect settings or if the user lacks necessary permissions.

    To troubleshoot further, you could use Google Tag Assistant or GA Debugger chrome extensions to check that data is being sent correctly. These tools can provide a detailed event-by-event breakdown to uncover the issue.

    Please note it’s recommended to consult with someone who has technical knowledge as the issue might be more complex and could require detailed debugging.