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  • Caleb

    14 March 2023 at 12:38 pm

    Sure, let me try to help you out with this. In GA Universal, All Pages under Behavior was straightforward and user-friendly while in GA4, it can indeed seem cluttered in the Engagement > Pages and Screens section.

    To create something similar to the old Page Views chart in GA4, follow these steps:
    1. In your GA4 interface, go to Engagement > Pages and Screens.
    2. Click on Add metric in the top right corner and add “Pageviews”. This will edit your chart to display a total pageviews count.
    3. Now, to break down this data by each page, as it was in GA Universal, click Add dimension and select both “Page path and screen class” and “Page title”. This will add a sorted table beneath your chart, showing you pageviews for each page.

    Please note that while this may not give you exactly the same view as GA Universal, it should help you get similar insights. GA4 is structured differently from GA Universal, hence some things are viewed differently. GA4 provides a more user-centered approach rather than session-based, like in Universal.