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  • Evelyn

    23 May 2023 at 2:42 pm

    To automatically fill in geographic details when you record the “page_view” event on your app using Python, you will need to make use of specific Python libraries. These libraries can capture data such as the IP address of the user and convert it into geographic details. So, in your Python script where you are currently capturing the ‘page_view’ event, you would also add in the commands to capture and record the IP details and geographic location. Make sure to check the privacy regulations relevant to your app’s use, as sometimes explicit user permission is required to capture such data. Once the geographic details are captured, the details should go to the intended endpoint along with the other details of the ‘page_view’ event. If details are not populating as desired, double-check your script for any errors or omissions. It is also suggested to test across different devices and locations for ensuring that geographic details are being captured accurately.