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  • Brooke

    24 April 2023 at 11:42 pm

    The term “Session Manual” isn’t used in your original query, and it seems like you’re trying to filter results based on specific values present in your UTM parameters. Regarding the attempt with “term”, please ensure that it is a valid event parameter in your provided dataset; otherwise, no data will be returned. If you’re sure “term” is a valid key and should have values, then it is possible that the query isn’t running as expected due to other portions of the WHERE clause.

    For the part of the query that’s giving you the issue with a URL, it seems you’re trying to parse out the “utm_content” value from a URL or a set of URLs. It appears the confusion might be stemming from the fact that “URL” is called without being selected or joined from any table because it’s not included in the event_params. If URL is a field in your analytics event datatable, then you need to point to this field properly and it should function correctly. If it’s not a field, you will need to adjust the query to pull in the URLs in question from the correct location.

    Without more specific details on your dataset and the precise role supposed to be played by “Session Manual”, it’s tricky to provide a more precise answer. I would recommend making sure that “term” and “URL” are valid inclusions in your WHERE and SELECT clauses.