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  • Harry

    2 June 2023 at 8:24 am

    Based on what you’ve described, the issue may be that the tracking gets confused when your users adjust the search filters on the products page, which changes the displayed results. Because Angular is a Single Page Application (SPA), the URL does not necessarily change when a user interacts within the page such as filtering search results. Therefore, traditional methods of tracking user interaction by URL changes would not capture these events accurately.

    To resolve this, you should consider tracking not just URL changes, but also user interactions within the product page itself. This can be done through event tracking, similar to what you’ve implemented for the banner click. The event should fire whenever a user adjusts the search filters. You may need to customize your event tracking to capture the exact filter settings being applied.

    Once this is set up, you should be able to track a user through each step in the funnel, from clicking the banner, to adjusting search filters, to selecting a product and finishing the transaction. Remember to test thoroughly to ensure the events are firing as expected and the data is captured accurately.

    If implementing this, seek assistance from someone with a good understanding of Angular and web analytics. The adjustment involves both changes to code and the analytics platform you’re using for tracking. They might also provide insight if some other issue is causing your tracking problems.