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  • Xavier

    7 April 2023 at 8:20 am

    Yes, you are trying to transform your current Google Analytics 4 (GA4) data from BigQuery, currently in JSON format, into a more readable Table format for usage in Power BI. The idea here is that you need to “unnest” and “pivot” your current data into separate columns. This is unfortunately not a straightforward process if you’re new to these tools and to the JSON format, but it’s a common need in data analysis. The operation you are trying to perform is called “normalizing” the data, i.e., transforming the nested JSON-format data into flat, table-format data. This process often involves writing queries or scripts to properly extract and restructure your JSON data. You may need further tutorials or to seek advice from more experienced data analysts.

    Whether you can accomplish this task with Power BI alone or need the aid of BigQuery depends on what level of data manipulation Power BI supports. It may also be possible to solve this by using other tools or programming languages that can work with JSON and will allow you to reshape data, such as Python with pandas. If the structure of your JSON data is always the same, you should be able to automate this process once you’ve successfully done it once.