• Jesse

    20 December 2022 at 5:42 am

    Without having access to your PHP source code, it’s fairly difficult to pinpoint what exactly could be causing the problem. However, the HTTP status code 204 generally represents ‘No Content,’ which essentially means the server has successfully processed your request, but it did not need to return an entity body (any kind of content) – usually typical for POST requests. This could be the reason why you’re not seeing any data being sent back. If you’re trying to retrieve information, you might need to re-examine the type of request you’re making.

    As for the silent Google Analytics real-time dashboard, are you sure that you’re sending the data to the correct GA4 property? Sometimes, misconfigurations can occur, and you might be sending data to a different property than intended. You also want to double-check that your curl request follows the requirements of the GA4 Measurement protocol.

    If these advisements don’t seem to solve the issue, I’d recommend sharing your PHP code to provide more context so you can get a more specific and concrete solution.