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  • Luke

    14 April 2023 at 2:28 am

    While excluding internal traffic is good for analytical purposes, it indeed poses a challenge when there’s a need to track certain internal events, such as the ones pertaining to refunds. Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward way to override this setting directly via the gtag. My recommendation would be to have a separate property or view in Google Analytics for the admin section of the website. This way, you can easily track events related to refunds without changing the criteria for filtering out internal traffic.

    Regarding your second query about communicating that refunds are permissible to GA4, Google Analytics doesn’t inherently know or care what “refunds” are. Instead, it relies on the events you send to it. If you trigger an event every time a refund is issued and send it to GA4, Google Analytics will log that event. It’s always about sending relevant event data and then you can create reports based on that data within the GA4 interface.

    However, do remember that any changes in the tracked events could impact your existing reports and data interpretations, and such implications should be well thought out.