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  • Nguyen

    11 June 2023 at 2:00 pm

    Given the steps you have already taken, this appears to be a very peculiar code issue. You might want to pay attention to how your gtag script associates the purchase event with a user’s session. If the identical ga_session_id and ga_session_number are translating to duplicate events on the first purchase, they may be being duplicated due to session initialization. Consider examining the implementation of your events and session control on your website. Make sure your purchase event isn’t being fired automatically on session start. If it’s not being properly controlled, it could inadvertently fire twice on the first purchase of a new user session. Enhanced e-commerce settings might also be contributing to this issue. Checking how those are set up might also give you more insight. Moreover, consider enlisting the help of a developer skilled in GA4 implementation if the problem persists. They’d be better equipped to sniff out any underlying code errors.