• Scarlett

    13 January 2023 at 1:47 am

    The issue seems to lie in the set-up of your RegEx table variable. The first issue could be related to the ‘Input Variable’. The ‘Variable Type’ is ‘Page Path’ which may not be the correct location to find ‘_form_23’. Make sure to select the correct input source. The second issue could be with the matching pattern. You are using ‘^div._form\_23$’ which will look for ‘_form_23’ at the start or end of the string, and it must be exact. The characters ‘> div._form_23 >’ wouldn’t match this pattern, and if they are part of the string you are searching then they wouldn’t count as a match and the variable would appear as undefined. Change your regex pattern to ‘div._form\_23’ and ensure it is in the correct form and you should have a match.