• Addison

    20 March 2023 at 5:59 am

    It sounds like you’re having trouble with the custom dimensions not showing up in your reports in Google Analytics 4. For custom dimensions to work, you not only need to set them up in the GA4 interface, but you also need to make sure you’re sending the correct parameter values within your tracked events. From what you shared, it seems like you’re sending the ‘event_category’ and ‘event_label’ parameters correctly in your events.

    However, in your report call, it looks like you’re asking for ‘customEvent:event_category’ and ‘customEvent:event_label’ instead. I think this might be the issue, as your events are not sending those exact parameters. Instead, try asking for ‘event_category’ and ‘event_label’ within your dimensions array and see if that makes any difference.

    Additionally, keep in mind that there can be delays in reporting in GA4, so it could very well be that the custom dimensions have simply not had time to populate in your reports yet.