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  • Mia

    7 August 2022 at 1:56 pm

    Based on your description, the problem appears to be related to a failure in the process of generating and using the public key for secure connection to your SFTP server. The Analytics system is trying to connect with a placeholder username, and it lacks the necessary public key. Usually, this public key should be provided after you hit the ‘Create & Generate key’ function, but it seems like it’s not happening in your case.

    Getting a 500 error indicates an internal server error. It could be a problem from the backend of the Analytics software. One approach could be to contact their customer support and provide them with the details you’ve shared here. They should be able to point you towards a solution. Alternatively, you could double-check your settings and the procedures you followed to make sure nothing was missed or entered incorrectly.

    If the problem is related to a bug, the developers of the software will need to fix it. Otherwise, the correct configuration or a detailed step-by-step guide should rectify the situation. If you’re able to connect to your SFTP server from outside your network, then the problem is likely not from your end.