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  • Peyton

    23 May 2023 at 3:02 am

    In GA4 – Web+App analytics, Google moved away from the concept of ‘Goals’ that we had in Universal Analytics (UA). Instead, GA4 uses ‘Conversions’, which are essentially the new equivalent of ‘Goals’ in UA. You can mark any event as a ‘Conversion’ in the GA4 layout. By default, some events like first_visit, session_start, etc., are already marked as conversions. If you’ve set up ‘Goals’ in your previous UA property, you’ll have to set up identical events in GA4 and mark them as conversions. Once you have set up these conversions in GA4, you should be able to extract those from SSIS.

    In terms of what you need to do on the website before pulling the data in SSIS, first, ensure all necessary events that would represent your ‘Goals’ are being tracked in GA4. Then mark these events as ‘Conversions’. Only after these Conversions are properly set up and tracking, you should begin pulling the data in SSIS. Keep in mind that GA4 only includes Conversion data from the point you mark an event as a Conversion, so it won’t have any historical data before that point.