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  • Noah

    21 April 2023 at 8:55 pm

    Google Ads conversion tracking involves multiple components and usually requires setup both in Google Ads and Google Analytics. Google Conversion Id is a part of this process and it cannot be considered separately. While GA4 does change the landscape a bit and encourages a more event-driven model of tracking, it doesn’t completely eliminate the need for a specific conversion Id. Since you’ve mentioned using Google Tag Manager (GTM), it’s good to know that GTM is essentially a more flexible tool, allowing you to manage tracking codes centrally, and it’s generally well-integrated with GA4. It’s not necessarily about finding an easier or harder way, it’s about understanding how these tools work together. Check out resources by Google Analytics Academy and Simo Ahava’s blog, these can provide very straightforward and explanatory tips on how to get one’s head around this.