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  • Harry

    8 April 2023 at 3:29 pm

    There could be several reasons why you experience discrepancies in total transaction value in GA4. Firstly, it might be due to differences in how Universal Analytics and GA4 handle e-commerce transactions. GA4 is event-based, which means that purchases are treated as events rather than transactions, potentially leading to discrepancies if not implemented correctly. Also, data processing latencies can cause temporary discrepancies in the real-time and processed data. This may occur if data sent to Google Analytics is not yet processed and reflected in the reports.

    Potential timezone differences could also cause discrepancies, as Universal Analytics and GA4 might be set to different timezones. Another common issue is excluding IP addresses. If you’re excluding specific IP addresses in Google Analytics that are not excluded in your shop’s data, it could result in disparities. It’s also worth noting that GA4 employs more sophisticated bot traffic filtering, which may also affect data discrepancies.

    Lastly, check if your setup for deduplication is correct. Even if you are not sending additional transactions with the same transaction_id, GA4 could still interpret some events as duplicates if not correctly set up with the measurement protocol API. It’s recommended to take a thorough look into your setup and integration of GA4, or consult with an Analytics expert for detailed insights and potential fixes.