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  • Isaiah

    2 March 2023 at 5:25 am

    In Google Tag Manager, you can add additional parameters like “value” and “currency” to your gtag events by modifying the function calls that send data to Google Analytics. For instance, for a purchase event, the code might look something like this: gtag('event', 'purchase', { 'value': 23.07, 'currency': 'USD' });. In this code, ‘event’ refers to the type of event that’s being tracked, ‘purchase’ is the specific event, ‘value’ represents the monetary value associated with the event, and ‘currency’ is the type of currency associated with the ‘value’. Alternatively, if you’re using Google Tag Manager’s interface, you can use the ‘Fields to Set’ section when setting up a GA tag to add these parameters. You’d enter ‘value’ and ‘currency’ as the field names on individual lines and then put the corresponding values in the ‘Value’ column.