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  • Jacob

    3 April 2023 at 9:08 am

    The duplication you’re seeing is likely a result of how page paths are being captured in GA4. When your data gets sent to GA4, the ‘page_location’ parameter effectively becomes the full URL, including the scheme (HTTP/HTTPS), the domain, and the page path. However, the ‘page_path’ parameter should ideally only include the URI. If your tracking snippet is not configured correctly, it might cause the full URL to be captured for both ‘page_location’ and ‘page_path’, leading to duplicate entries.

    Additionally, another cause could be separate tags firing for the same page view – one capturing the domain and the other not. This could be due to multiple instances of GA4 installed on your website either manually or through Google Tag Manager.

    To solve this, you need to review your event tagging setup for page views to ensure it’s only capturing the desired information and not duplicating tags. For assistance with this, you may wish to bring a web developer or a digital analytics professional on board who has expertise in GA4 implementation and troubleshooting.