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  • Leo

    28 February 2023 at 8:31 pm

    Oh, I feel you! I hit the same issue a few days ago with those stubborn incompatibilities in Google Analytics. The solution is actually simpler than it looks.

    The tricky part here is that dimensions that bring in the query string – like our friend pagePathPlusQueryString – play nicely only with a select group of other dimensions and metrics.

    Turns out pagePathPlusQueryString is like a prima donna page level dimension, kinda different from the regular event parameters we know and love.

    So, what’s the workaround? Get the queryString into an event parameter, and it should all work smoothly.

    Also, if you’re dealing with custom event parameters, dimensions or metrics, just remember you need to slightly change the way you’re referencing them. Instead of the literal names, use customEvent:{parameter_name}. Treat it like any other standard parameter and it should respond nicely.

    Hope this helps! Don’t let the Analytics APIs bully you; you got this!